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Apparel 21 is a software and service provider to the fashion industry. We know the fashion industry because we deal with the fashion industry exclusively.

Our AP21 core ERP system along with a suite of specialised, fully-integrated products and modules provides the perfect solution for getting the most out of your fashion business.

With more than 25 years experience providing software and services to the fashion industry, we know what fits.

We have made efficiency gains in our warehouse through faster invoicing and replenishment … saved a significant amount of time and money by running a ‘live’ system … and seen the benefits of a system that records actual landed costs of individual products.

- Paul Anson, GAZ MAN

Channels That Match Your Business

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    Looking for a solution that fits your head office and store requirements, that makes it easier to plan and replenish coloured and sized products, that provides real time information to head office? With full integration between all modules, AP21 dramatically improves data availability, so that you can make better decisions, sooner.


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    Product Developers

    Are your resources being stretched by managing customer expectations, offshore suppliers, complex timelines, tight delivery windows and continual margin pressure? With over 25 years experience helping business just like yours, we have the tools to make these and your other daily tasks more efficient.


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    Short life cycles and broad product ranges can be a recipe for disaster, unless you have clear management information about stock levels, reliable historic and real time sales analysis, and the tools to run your supply chain efficiently so that product gets to store. Our proven, fashion specific, software package has all the right tools for the job.